I spent the last hour moving all my old blog posts from my old blog to the trash.  I can safely say that I found everything I wrote truly abhorrent.  I am now questioning why I proceeded to start a brand new blog page.  Ah, yes, these first three sentences are a clear indication that I have a writers brain.

The question is, what will I do with this brain.  Will I continue to make excuses? Will I continue to tell myself it’s not even worth writing because it will never turn into something? What exactly is this something? Is it money? fulfillment? Likes? Comments? Validation?  What is this something I seem to crave so desperately from my writing.  Ah,  yes, I have a writers brain.

The fact that I was able to set this blog site up, and close the other one down, without technical incident is a TRIUMPH.

Or clicking the mouse till it freezes up everything while the )7300 error code pops up, is a TRIUMPH.

I cannot make this up.  While I was typing this  ‘Welcome message”, my computer completely blacked out and I received a glorious pop-up that stated, “I needed to restart my computer to install updates.”