White privilege

If the term white privilege bothers you please please please take some time to research why it has to be addressed. /discussed.
It doesn’t mean that you, the white person reading this had a privileged life, it means that you did not have the burden of being racially profiled on 1top of whatever burdens you faced.  Yes. Even if you were profiled for being a poor white person you still didn’t have to deal with racial profiling ON TOP OF POVERTY.
I will delete all comments that defend your whiteness.  No one is  coming after YOU personally.   So chill.  No one I am friends with on fb  grew up like the silver spoons kid, so obviously I’m not talking to you personally. Just do some research for your own brain and widening of your mind. Please. And for the love of all things , please don’t discuss wealthy affluent POC’s “privilege” (celebs etc ) BC THATS NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT EITHER .
A place to start if you’re confused is
The murder of Geroge Floyd (he was asphyxiated  )  versus the PEACEFUL arrest of the devil  who murdered people serving the Lord in the Charleston church.
And a jogger. Murdered by two evil racists to only be (peacefully) arrested a month later bc of video evidence.

I’m mad. I’m a nice person and I have a big heart but I’m so tired of people DEFENDING violence against POC and black people ,  to make themselves feel better about their race and their political beliefs. 

Just stop thinking about yourself for one moment and please put yourselves in someone elses shoes for two moments.

I’m not anti police or pro riots and pro violence to invoke change.   I’m standing up for what is RIGHT when it’s been wrong for so long for people I love. Please, I implore you to take this time to really reflect on what it is your trying to say with “all lives matter” or whatever counter argument you have to peaceful protest or to anyone that is trying to do the right thing with this movement .. 
I’m really really upset about the USA.  So if you love me. I beg you to not try and fight me on my beliefs but instead use whatever energy you have in proving your point in the comments sections…to REACH deep and do some research OUTSIDE OF YOUR ECHO CHAMBER