This includes standing against systematic racism.
If someone speaks out against injustice, it doesn’t make them ungrateful or unpatriotic/aggressive/disrespectful.
The phrase .. “go live somewhere else.”…. Is demeaning..
Why do people devalue others’ experience? It’s called gaslighting. It keeps fear in power. It keeps fear looming so minds cannot be changed….and “things stay the same.”

Just listen. NO ONE is trying to radicalize you or the country… by saying Black Lives Matter.
.. No one is trying to dismantle freedom by crying out in pain with THEIR experience. Or by telling their story. People are hurting. Everywhere. Telling them to “be grateful”.. is not helping. I can love America to pieces and still think she needs

to makes some changes. It’s possible to be grateful and be angry ..because changes that were promised so many times, were not fulfilled.