Meandering Thoughts on the Home Biz tiered marketing spike during Covid 19

No offense ..please!! to anyone that does this as a side hustle.
Take what you like and leave the rest. Trust me. I understand the allure of this ‘concept’ because I did it for two years.😇😳😒
The most eye opening part of my experience:
A) a actual profit and loss statement (didn’t take long to see I was losing money and I’m horrible at math )
b) being told by a very high level bossbabe that I had to Rank people on a tracking sheet and if i didn’t want to do this (because it went against my moral code in every way) , I was essentially, a quitter?excuse maker. That my gas-lighting 101.

PS.. I know a lot of people who do this for the product (no argument that some of these companies put out some great products) and I get that. Truly. . I don’t know that the answer ‘is’ but I do know I what I experienced. I do know that as I bonded with enough people who have terminated their contracts (PPS it took me 3 typed written letters and 2 phone calls to terminate mine? ). to know my experience was far from isolated…. in fact .. it was extremely common. And the fact that it’s a “contract” with ZERO money guaranteed, should have been a huge red flag.

The MAIN reason I’m sharing about this business is how many ‘leading’ MLM* companies preyed on peoples’ worst economic/health insecurities, during a global epidemic (yes. I know other non-mlm companies took advantage as well, but ..MLMS* and their shady by-products.. =(bossbabe-mentorship-program-5-day-free-trial-bait-switch-vortex-ads, were the MOST egregious during the global pandemic by many high level bossbabes.)

I share** because seeing these type of posts (the one I’m writing and the blog attached) have helped me shed some of the guilt I carried for signing people up under me and not following my gut instinct about predatory /toxic/mean-girl-adjacent behavior.***

  • (multi level/network/direct/marketing)

** I am hesitant to share my opinion on this topic, (bc essentially that’s what my writing opinion/a think-piece)…because I know there are caring/amazing/ wonderful people, who do this for the product discount or to make some side money.

I want to reiterate, this post/blog attachment; is not an indictment or criticism towards those individuals. This is a cautionary tale of what I went through and what many other people have been through or are going through right now. To be clear, this is a criticism of the business model and of the high level bossbabes who shame/gaslight/ and say things like “I am successful because I put the work in and YOU didn’t” (actual quote.) In any other job, they would be hauled into Human Resources /put on notice/ terminated for this type of gas-lighting behavior they exemplify on social media. #themoreweknow

*** ..I singled out the babes/female/girls – in this context because they exemplified the top tier of a lot of these companies and SEEK out the weaker non-mean females..seeking validation (as I was). LITERALLY stuff we should have learned in High school ..but didn’t…

Thank you for reading/reading attached blog post. and it’s okay if you rolled your eyes. Or wish I wouldn’t share my opinions and just share happy pictures of family stuff. If there is one thing I have learned – especially in the last 6 months -is that hiding – because it makes others more comfortable – is not who I am at my core. When I hide my words because they may cause discomfort ..I am hiding who I truly am. I write better than I speak and If it helps one person laugh/feel better/look inward/trust their instincts….then maybe I am paying in forward a very small way.