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Dm me if you would like to do this with me. AllyResourceGuide.Com .You have to purchase one for yourself tho. No cheating 😅. I have followed her account for a few months and she has really helped me open my eyes to my own biases and learn how to challenge biases in others without getting hot under the collar or avoiding.

We can make the world a better place by doing the work on ourselves first.


This is for equality it is not for preferential treatment. !!
If you think racism is over-hyped that is part of the problem. It’s real . And to deny this experience of a person that doesn’t look, act, walk, talk, believe like you, is gaslighting and it is also part of the problem. If you’re not a minority race, then you actually don’t know what racism is. Bc you’re white. ..

And no, white people, can’t have racism directed at them (google why & read further )

Can white people be the target of crimes and harmful/hurtful prejudice towards them and have bad things happen to them at the hands of a minority and/or bc they are white?? Yes. That is a SEPARATE issue . I’m not asking you to do a guide on THAT issue .

The conflation I notated above ,is also another form of gaslighting and part of the problem, meant to derail people OFF the real issues.

Racism is Racism to be discussed within the confines of systematic Racism. Not your personal story, of how so and so was really mean to you, or you didn’t get promoted bc you were white and it went to a non white. Yes this happens. !! But again, that’s a guidance counselor /therapist/Human Resources issue. Not a systematic racism issue.

Dismantling racism will not take away from your life experiences . I promise you, it will only ENHANCE them.

I know there is a fear. Keep going.!!!

And no, just bc Beyoncé and Jay Z are rich rich and President Obama was a President for 8 years ..doesn’t mean , that racism doesn’t exist. (I’ve seen this as an argument )

Wealthy Black people doesn’t equal zero racism.

And no , just bc you grew up poor and underprivileged in your own community doesn’t mean you didn’t benefit from some white privilege(s) (I know it’s a prickly word. I prickled up like a porcupine when I first heard that word. )
It’s not a ‘pretty fun phrase’ like ‘hashtag blessed pumpkin spice for life’ and it’s not mean tto be, it’s meant to make you prickly !TO MAKE YOU THINK.

There is No need to take personally. again. It’s not about YOU (personally.) I had a messed up childhood and odds stacked against me in many ways, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from the color of my skin bc I did. Period. It’s really that simple. Saying I had white privilege or advantages .. is a fact . It’s not an indictment of my moral character or fiber of my being as a common decent human ,nor is it on yours !

Okay enough of the soap box. Buy the guide and dm me if you’re interested in doing with me .

And if this post makes you mad for some reason . Okay. Cool. I get it. It challenges us to look at whiteness. That’s a place to start . Feel that feeling, and ask yourself why does this post make ME mad?

I also hesitate A LOT before I post stuff like this bc I am white and I have seen the comments on other white perspective/think pieces on this topic and they are hurtful! . From all angles of the issue:

‘What a lib …. bleeding liberal … liberal elitist’
‘wow her white priv is showing !!’

Basically , bc I’m not posting about puppies and rainbows and funny stuff .. people need to poke holes so what’s the point of it all? Why put myself out there ?

Bc I can and I care and if I help one person change their point of view this a little .. maybe I’m helping Society just a little .

This feeling is most likely fear. Fear that in this journey of dismantling racism , you’ll lose your whiteness or a piece of who YOU are People will want to argue with you and that sucks..
It also hurts to see that what our ancestors have done over the years and wonder if your ancestors were bad people and therefore you’re a bad person too.

I have thought that too.

You’re not. I’m not . If it’s one thing I’ve learned, we are not what we came from ..alll the time. Cycles can be broken, if you do the work. If you’re feeling anything reading this. Good . Come back to it. Pray on it. Learn from it. Use that feeling to make some changes!! I promise you, you’ll be better for it.

Ok soap box Officially over thanks for reading my ted talk.

Pppp s her account is on insta @glographics