Cancel Culture

I was lucky enough to grow up in a time where my mistakes didn’t go viral.

We live in a time that is stifling creativity because anytime, anyone makes a mistake they get “cancelled.”

Publically or privately.

That’s some bullshit.

Should we check racism, bigotry and hate speech ?

hell yes.

SHOULD we check someone who made an inappropriate comment (s) or joked offensively?

YES but should we also ‘cancel’ them because they are not ________ enough for our liking?

There are a MILLION examples of “it.”

If you’re living and breathing in this modern world.. know exactly what I’m talking about..

Cancel culture doesn’t seem to discriminate either. It happens to anyone who makes an opinion out loud and the majority opposition deems the person unworthy based on their opinion.

Or.. God forbid, they were human and said/tweeted something really stupid…in the past ..that they regret bc they GREW UP.

(seriously?? I said dumb stuff And you know I’m not terminally unique in my abilities to say dumb stuff yes… I’m talking to anyone reading this!!!!)

How are we supposed to grow, learn change and CREATE?,.. if we are fearful of getting canceled for offending anyone??

On a smaller scale, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone vitriocally comment on someone elses’ innocous post.

An example:

-Picture of pretty girl doing yoga with her puppy.’

Commenter :

‘You spoiled-thin-privileged puppy-breeding monster !!”

You know I’m not too far off with hyperbole in my example either..

It’s as though the world told this commenter…

….. “because I suffered through,, x,y and z and this person seems to be thriving on social media…. I’m going to make sure the world knows they had more lucky breaks in their life, than I did..”


I see it all. The. Time.

Yes. White Privilege exists. Thin privilege exists. Pretty Privilege exists. Affluent Privilege exists. If you are reading this on an electronic device. You benefited from some kind of privilege at some point.

I grew up in abusive foster care and an abusive/chaotic home but I also benefited from white privilege, a fiery metabolism and middle class privilege. Even though my childhood sucked, I grew up more privileged than most.

I recognize it. I don’t abuse it and I do my best to pay it forward as best I as I am able.

Yes, systemic racism and hatred of another based on sexual orientation .. exists..

It exists based on a lack of diversity and oppression and an unjust legal system that favors white, heterosexual people.

I absolutely comprehend and agree that more should be done by the government/people in power…to combat THAT which is stated above.

I’m not talking about “that.” I’m talking about people using all of the unjustly said above to cancel /comment/attack another human being..based on their rage for “that” said above.

There is a difference bewteen leveling the playing field and attacking people , simply because they exist through some token privileges. .another finds unworthy or mistaken.

I’m talking about trolls or the mob-outrage-take-down of another human being for being a human being and making a MISTAKE.

Does one negate or begat the other ?


Do we need to scream at each other because someones’ life seems too privileged and corruption exists in our political and justice system?


I grew up in “cancel culture” in my own home.. My existence was tested and invalidated and wrong..

I constantly had to justify my own existence in my own home.

If I wasn’t suffering through “Something”.. I was “lucky/privileged and spoiled.” And reminded of that daily by one guardian who hated herself and the world.

So I understand that feeling like the odds were stacked against me from birth. And yes it’s made me angry. But I also know we can change as a “cancel culture” because I have.

I’ve gone from throwing phones at my husband in insane fights and breaking plates and actual cupboards and computers in anger. I’ve stopped writing scathing reviews about people, places and things out of unhealed outrage and pain..

I started to focusing on healing that pain and what I can control versus what I have zero control over, which is how people live their lives, or mistakes they made in the past and have made ammends for outloud or by growing up and changing..

If people don’t see eye to eye, its become a vitriolic war of the words because of unhealed pain and trauma..

On-line, in the media, and anywhere else we can veto someone’s opinion, simply with the tip tap tap of a keyboard and we feel better for a nanosecond.

“If you don’t support the President you’re a communist.”

“If you support the President you’re a hateful racist and bigot.”

“If you stay silent on my activist cause, you’re contributing to the violence”

The list of outrage and anger and cancel culture will go on and on ..if we don’t start checking on our own selves and motives.

I’m speaking as A US citizen living on Canadian soil..Cancel culture happens in Canada too..its just doesn’t seem to be as vitriolic or explosive.

I do see it on line and I follow both Canadian and US based accounts to widen my perspective.

My point being:

I’ve seen it..and I’ve seen it a lot more as of late.

I’ve seen people cancel each other out privately/personally and publically because one belief doesn’t perfectly align up with another.

We are better than this.

IM not speaking on any one incident . I’m speaking to all of you that are angry about your past or ‘the’ past , so we want to take it out on what we see ‘right’ iin front of us.

Because we are in pain.

Yes. Damn right you/we have a right to be angry! But what possible positive outcome do you want by trolling , fighting or unnecessarily canceling another human being?

We CAN CHOOSE TO channel that anger into something ELSE.

We think that by canceling each other out, we will heal our pain.

All we are doing is closing ourselves in on ourselves and existing in an empty void of our own beliefs and individuality.

We can fight for what is right and true and beloved without crucifying people that don’t look , think, write, speak or act exactly like us.

We can fight for what is right without attacking each other on line with silly memes comparing the military’s plight to children/families seeking asylum from the massacres in their own country.

Or attacking something/someone that is different from us??

We all want to he heard, loved, fed, nurtured , fulfilled and a chance to earn a honest living. We also all want a chance to be able to show our lives on social media (as all 4 billion plus people do every day) without being “canceled” because we said something tone deaf or looked too damn gorgeous.

So I quote English Parliment Guy said , John Bercow;

ORDER ORDER ORDER AND BE A GOOD BOY (and girl and/or however you identify)

Pick your battles.

Choose your words.

Live and let Live daily, check what’s wrong and hateful but stop trying to cancel out that which makes you look inward.

Instead, look inward and cancel out your own hatred of another for not being just like you.